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I love reading photographer's "About" section.  They're all very interesting to me.  Some are so cliche and predictable.  Some tell stories, allowing you to really connect and feel who the photographer is. Some don't need "About" sections because they're just that good.  


For me, photography just sort of...happened.  I was sitting at work, punching numbers, streaming the ACL Festival live thinking, man I want to be there.  So, Friday night I bought a ticket, hopped in my car early Saturday morning and went!  All I took with me was a Camelbak and a Rebel t3i - the rest is history.  I took a few amazing shots that day, some of which I still call my favorites.  I remember thinking how cool it was catching all the emotions displayed while watching these artist perform.


That day was pivotal for me.  I have a Bachelor's in Psychology, I was an EMT...I always thought my life would consist of something medical.  Instead, I left ACL that year and hustled.  I kept my full time job, so with every free moment I had, I was going to shows, learning how to contact publicists and managers, figuring out the craziness of lighting, production, movement.  I also learned how to develop thick skin and take everything as a learning experience.  Like the first time I took unit stills and the crew paused production to inform me my camera was too loud.  Ugh, I wanted to crawl in a hole!! But then there have been moments, like being named one of the Top 12 music photographers in North Texas after only a year of taking photos.  

That's when I told myself, okay, you can do this! 


My love of music will always be first, but what also packs my schedule is events, portriats, products, and sports.  Besides that, you can find me traveling, camping, drinking tequila, singing loudly in my car, and enjoying the people around me.




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